Personal search engine with datasette and dogsheep by Simon Willison

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My @talkpython episode with @mkennedy is out!

We cover the early history of Django, how Datasette came about, the evolution of my Dogsheep collection of tools and a whole lot more

I’m really happy with this - I think it’s my best podcast recording yet

In this episode, we’ll be discussing two powerful tools for data reporting and exploration: Datasette and Dogsheep.

Datasette helps people take data of any shape or size, analyze and explore it, and publish it as an interactive website and accompanying API.

Dogsheep is a collection of tools for personal analytics using SQLite and Datasette. Imagine a unified search engine for everything personal in your life such as twitter, photos, google docs, todoist, goodreads, and more, all in once place and outside of cloud companies.

On this episode we talk with Simon Willison who created both of these projects.

He’s also one of the co-creators of Django and we’ll discuss some early Django history!