Sharing patterns I use with Django and htmx by Luke Plant ( )


Django + htmx patterns

This repo is a rough-and-ready compilation of the patterns I’m using and developing when writing Django projects that use htmx .

The docs are intended to be viewed on GitHub: and the code can be run locally or on (see below)

My aims are to document and share:

  1. The basic patterns and control flow needed

  2. Some enhancements we can make with a few utilities

The code presented depends only on Django and htmx, unless otherwise noted. I wont be packaging it up as a library. It is instead being released into the public domain, and you are encouraged to copy-paste it for your own needs. (See the “Approach” docs for why).

There are some Django packages that provide shortcuts for some of the things mentioned here, such as django-htmx , but I won’t be using any of them for the sake of clarity.