• A simplified API for writing functional tests in Django (tests that check the behaviour of entire views, or sets of views, e.g. a checkout process).

  • A unified API that abstracts over both WebTest and Selenium - write two tests at once!

  • Many of the gotchas and difficulties of using WebTest and Selenium ironed out for you.

  • Well tested - as well as its own test suite, which is run against Firefox and Chrome, it is also used by Wolf & Badger for tests covering many business critical functionalities.

Typical usage

In your

from django.test import LiveServerTestCase, TestCase
from django_functest import FuncWebTestMixin, FuncSeleniumMixin, FuncBaseMixin

class ContactTestBase(FuncBaseMixin):
    # Abstract class, doesn't inherit from TestCase

    def test_contact_form(self):
        self.fill({'#id_name': 'Joe',
                   '#id_message': 'Hello'})
        self.assertTextPresent("Thanks for your message")

 class ContactWebTest(ContactTestBase, FuncWebTestMixin, TestCase):

 class ContactSeleniumTest(ContactTestBase, FuncSeleniumMixin, LiveServerTestCase):

In this way, you can write a single test with a high-level API, and run it in two ways - using a fast, WSGI-based method which emulates typical HTTP usage of a browser, and using a full browser that actually executes Javascript (if present) etc.

Under the hood, the WSGI-based method uses and builds upon WebTest and django-webtest.

django-functest provides its functionality as mixins, so that you can have your own base class for tests.