Discord announce

Hey folks, I have an idea for a tiny library to integrate the django rest framework and htmx. I call it django-htmx-rest ( ) It’ll be a pretty small library, because the two already go together very nicely, but there are a few key features:

  • content negotiator that also is responsive to the Hx-Request header

  • implement a BrowsableHTMXRenderer, which extends the DRF browsable API with frontend component development tooling, like viewport resizing, etc (think [storybook]( ))

  • integrating the existing django-htmx library ( ) with DRF, if there’s anything to be done there (I’m not sure)

  • other misc. niceties, like maybe testing support

Plus, strong documentation, to illustrate how Django + DRF + htmx can make REST dreams come true.

I have gotten off to a very small start and hope to keep building it out to the extent that it supports another project I’m working on primarily, but if you’re interested in the idea, it’s MIT licensed and I welcome anyone who’d like to contribute!

Any feedback on the idea is much appreciated too!

Here is the repo link if you’re interested in contributing: (modifié)