django-htmx-todo-list Quick example of a todo list application using Django and HTMX


This project lets you build todo lists. It demonstrates functionality with django and HTMX, including use of modal forms, adding multiple forms to a list (an alternative to traditional django formsets), and deleting items from a list (or an entire list).

The original project used class-based Django views.

That has been improved to use function-based views (see Django Views — The Right Way to read why FBV is often the better approach! )

There are actually two example projects here which are the same in all respects except that tasker uses hard-coded html forms, and tasker2 uses django forms with django-crispy-forms for formatting.

This project is very basic.

It does not make use of authorization or other common important concerns. The focus is 100% on demonstrating some Django & HTMX concepts.