Configuring htmx


Htmx has some configuration options that can be accessed either programatically or declaratively.

They are listed below:


Hi, I am facing an issue with my csp rules, when importing my local copy of “htmx.js” (v.1.6.0). My browser console tells me , that it blocked some inline style (htmx.js:2673:35). The referenced function inserts some html in style tags.

Accoding to the security section in the htmx documentation it should work without an issue with CSP. I would like to go with the general recommendations of not configuring the CSP style-src to allow unsave-inline. It currently only allows ‘self’.

Am I missing something? I would appreciate any help!

1cg — Hier à 13:44 You can turn off the automatic insertion of styles by setting the config option htmx.config.includeIndicatorStyles to false, and then you’d need to manually include the styles for indictators:

.htmx-indicator {opacity:0;transition: opacity 200ms ease-in;} .htmx-indicator.htmx-request {opacity:1} .htmx-indicator .htmx-request {opacity:1}