2021-06-23 You might not need a frontend framework + tailwindcss + htmx book

You might not need a frontend framework

Thank you Afonso Cerejeira for this great introduction to Htmx, alpine.js and hotwire.

You might not need a frontend framework




looks like some bad escaping on the form action [17:18] question: would people be interested in this book: # HTML-Oriented Development Building simple, maintainable and powerful web applications using the native language of the web

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 - HTML, A Reintroduction

  • Chapter 2 - htmx: High Power Tools for HTML

  • Chapter 3 - Effective HTML Templating

  • Chapter 4 - URLs

  • Chapter 5 - Practical Examples

  • Chapter 6 - Other HTML-oriented Tools: tailwindscss, alpinejs & hyperscript

  • Chapter 7 - REST




speaking of Locality of Behavior: https://tailwindcss.com/docs/extracting-components

seems to me that tailwinds has a worse DRY problem than htmx or hyperscript

htmx Frontend Revolution