thisweek 2021-11-07 This week in htmx N°4 by Deniz Akşimşek thisweek

Commspace became the first corporate sponsor of htmx

extremely thankful to announce the first corporate sponsor of htmx & hyperscript: @commspaceapp thank you to @jvosloo and the whole commspace team!

— @htmx_org

💙 The founder of Commspace is Johan Vosloo, who is also a supporter of the Week.

Michael Anckaert used htmx for a CI/CD service

I picked server side rendered HTML as the main technology for the user interface.

Thanks to HTMX I was able to add some nice interactivity and UI / UX improvements without having to resort to a large scale framework such as Vue or React.

Using HTMX makes me very productive on the frontend, which as a more backend leaning developer is a big bonus. Read more about HTMX and HTML over the wire concepts.

An htmx meetup in Chemnitz, Germany is coming up

25 Nov, 19:00–21-00, Q-HUB GmbH | Innovation & Startup Space Chemnitz. Thomas Güttler will be speaking !

How to submit data from a form in _hyperscript

Deniz Akşimşek should be a matter of:

make a FormData from #form
fetch /url { method: "POST", body: result }

in the upcoming release it will become:

make a FormData from #form
fetch /url with method: "POST", body: result

💬 November 2, 2021, 5:29 PM UTC

hyperscript vs Alpine.js

Deniz Akşimşek ↪ Re. Rashad For those that have used hyperscript and Alpine.js with TailwindCSS…

Microinteractions are one of the main use cases for _. Alpine fixes the “where’s that event listener” problem, but does nothing about the DOM APIs.

I think alpine is better for larger components like data tables, because of x-for and reactivity.

For microinteractions, you will need to manipulate the DOM directly a lot more, which is a dream in hyperscript.

💬 November 5, 2021, 6:07 PM UTC

Editor’s note: Let me make it clear that this is not a dig on Alpine in any way. I gave my personal opinion to help people decide what to use. We’re volunteer-run free software projects with a lot of shared goals. 💙