Hoarddit - A Website to Discover Art by Josef Erben ( https://twitter.com/joseferben )


Together with my SO we built hoarddit.com, a website that helps everyone to discover art.

It allows you to virtually trade art pieces.

This post describes how we spent our innovation points and why hoarddit is not an NFT.

Is It an NFT ?

On hoarddit.com we state that the project is not an NFT .

Is that really the case? Let’s examine the definition of an NFT on Wikipedia:

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger (blockchain).

The art pieces on hoarddit are unique units of data stored in PostgreSQL .

The definition says nothing about the ledger being distributed. If there was no mention about /blockchain, maybe one could argue that hoarddit is an NFT platform by this definition.

However, there is no blockchain involved , there are no tokens on distributed ledgers and most importantly, no one is getting rich over night.

In fact, hoarddit costs couple of bucks a month to host and there are no plans to monetize it .

Boring Technology

We chose boring and tested technology that we were familiar with.

Hoarddit is a Django app using Postgres and good old server side templates. For some dynamic components HTMX was used. The design is powered by customized Bootstrap 5.

For crawling and sending emails we are using Django Q.

Email sending uses the generous free tier of Mailjet. The whole thing is deployed on a Hetzner VPS using Dokku.

Sentry and Uptimerobot are used for monitoring and reporting.

This is the final picture, but it was a process to end up with this stack. A process that involved spending some innovation points.