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Our newest corporate sponsor: JetBrains

Yes, that JetBrains.

htmx.org @htmx_org
absolutely floored to say that htmx has a new corporate sponsor… @jetbrains!
i have been a long time (20+ years) user of all of JetBrain's tools
and it is positively surreal to have them as a sponsor
thank you @jetbrains!

Looking for a new home for the htmx community

Discord is a black hole for information.
alfonsrv Top on HN – Discord is a black hole for information: https://knockout.chat/thread/33251/1
2022-02-18 15:18Z
gagepeterson As far as which forum software I think GitHub discussions
is probably the easiest to implement.
I think I like Discourse’s notification system, since last visit line,
and obviously has a lot more plugins and features than GitHub discussions.
However hosting ourselves is a bit more difficult to manage I admit.
There’s also nodeBB which has pretty slick UX. Pretty sure I can even
be embedded into the static website if we wanted. Looks like they’ll
even host it for free for open source projects: https://nodebb.org/pricing/


gagepeterson Also looks like Twist is free for communities:
gagepeterson It’s got really great web, desktop, and mobile app.
Not publicly searchable but best in class UX


xpufx If leaving Discord ever becomes an option at all please consider
Zulip. https://zulip.com/ It’s open source. Can be self hosted.
But they also do provide free cloud hosting for open source projecst
if I am not mistaken.
xpufx Its killer feature is it’s topic based threads.
(every channel conversation requires a topic)
xpufx Yes it is in fact free for open source projects.
https://zulip.com/for/open-source/ Refer to the "Lasting knowledge repository "
section on this page for info relating to the topic of this thread.

Discord · February 14, 2022, 11:22 AM UTC

Craig R Wonder if this might be somewhat suitable? Seems like a
hybrid forum and chat: https://www.talkyard.io/
lllama https://www.discourse.org/ ?

Do you have any ideas ?

missing.css progress

The missing.css website has a new font switcher. İn addition: we are looking into navbar-free navigation, because navbars are a pain.

Meanwhile, we are progressing on the front of covering all the elements.

One thing still undecided is the utility class part — if you have used utility-based CSS and have opinions about it, https://htmx.org/discord is the soapbox you’ve been looking for! Ignore that buzzıng noise. 🐝

coreload @coreload Concepts for missing.css This could turn out to be good. https://github.com/bigskysoftware

Twitter · February 28, 2022, 12:25 AM UTC - https://twitter.com/coreload/status/1498091863122661377

django-htmx on Read the Docs

I’ve just released django-htmx 1.9.0. As part of this release, it
now has a documentation site built with Sphinx, hosted on
Read the Docs at https://django-htmx.readthedocs.io.
— Adam Johnson, django-htmx Now on Read the Docs

Check it out!

The maintainability of _hyperscript code

Fubarrr Just wanted to say how much I love the maintainability of hyperscript code! Today I discovered a small issue with some code I wrote months ago. Took all of 30 seconds to find the problematic line of code (‘cause LoB), understand what it was doing (‘cause hyperscript syntax is poetry) and roll in a fix.

Discord · February 28, 2022, 10:41 PM UTC - https://discordapp.com/channels/725789699527933952/796428329531605032/947986864093134908