DevSimplicity: Simple, Not Easy — 2021-10-16 à 15:47

Hi guys, I'm new here (but not new to the ideas behind htmx/intercooler/hyperscript).
I've been using very similar approach to htmx/intercooler for a very
long time. I was kind of hoping that this thick-client SPA frameworks
cargo culting will end, but apparently not.
I recently started writing about those issues and I'm trying to
spread as much awareness as I can about htmx (and the underlying
issues it's solving).

I'll also try to familiarize myself with the codebase, so I can help
with occasional pull requests.

DevSimplicity: Simple, Not Easy — Hier

Sorry, I probably didn't express myself well. I'm new here (on discord),
but I've used both intercooler.js and htmx before (and I've had a very
similar, custom lib long before I saw intercooler.js on HN).

I'll take a quick look at docs if something important has changed
in the midtime.

btw. thank you all for working on this great lib (and making the web
a better place), especially to the author for creating it.