httpx description


HTTPX is a high performance asynchronous HTTP client, that builds on the well-established usability of requests, and gives you:

  • A broadly requests-compatible API.

  • Standard synchronous interface, but with async support if you need it.

  • HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2 support.

  • Ability to make requests directly to WSGI applications or ASGI applications.

  • Strict timeouts everywhere.

  • Fully type annotated.

  • 99% test coverage.

Plus all the standard features of requests…

  • International Domains and URLs

  • Keep-Alive & Connection Pooling

  • Sessions with Cookie Persistence

  • Browser-style SSL Verification

  • Basic/Digest Authentication

  • Elegant Key/Value Cookies

  • Automatic Decompression

  • Automatic Content Decoding

  • Unicode Response Bodies

  • Multipart File Uploads

  • HTTP(S) Proxy Support

  • Connection Timeouts

  • Streaming Downloads

  • .netrc Support

  • Chunked Requests