mod_wsgi WSGIDaemonProcess directive


The WSGIDaemonProcess directive can be used to specify that distinct daemon processes should be created to which the running of WSGI applications can be delegated.

Where Apache has been started as the root user, the daemon processes can be run as a user different to that which the Apache child processes would normally be run as.

When distinct daemon processes are enabled and used, the process is dedicated to mod_wsgi and the only thing that the processes do is run the WSGI applications assigned to that process group. Any other Apache modules such as PHP or activities such as serving up static files continue to be run in the standard Apache child processes.

Note that having denoted that daemon processes should be created by using the WSGIDaemonProcess directive, the WSGIProcessGroup directive still needs to be used to delegate specific WSGI applications to execute within those daemon processes.


The WSGIDaemonProcess is not available on Windows.