sudo mod_wsgi_express module-location example 1

Presuming you have pip installed in /home/xliu/Ureka1_4_1/Ureka/python/bin, run:

APXS=/usr/sbin/apxs /home/xliu/Ureka1_4_1/Ureka/python/bin/pip install mod_wsgi

Then run:

/home/xliu/Ureka1_4_1/Ureka/python/bin/mod_wsgi-express module-location

This will output a path like:

$ mod_wsgi-express module-location

Then run:

ldd `/home/xliu/Ureka1_4_1/Ureka/python/bin/mod_wsgi-express module-location`

This will run ldd on the generated by the mod_wsgi-express install. Show me what you get.

This build method by passes apxs/libtool and if libtool is somehow screwed up in its configuration so as to cause those libraries to be linked when they shouldn’t, this will avoid that problem.

If the ldd doesn’t show any dependencies on X Windows and FreeType libraries run:

sudo /home/xliu/Ureka1_4_1/Ureka/python/bin/mod_wsgi-express install-module

This will copy this into the Apache installation and output something like:

$ sudo mod_wsgi-express install-module
LoadModule wsgi_module /usr/local/httpd-2.4.x/modules/
WSGIPythonHome /Users/graham/Projects/mod_wsgi/venv

Edit your Apache configuration and replace your existing LoadModule like for mod_wsgi with that one and any existing WSGIPythonHome directive, if different with that one.

If that all works, there is likely something broken with the ‘libtool’ installation on your system.