caddy 1.0.0 (2019-04-24)

Github announce

We did it! Caddy 1.0 is here. Future changes on the 1.0 tree will focus on stability and bug fixes.

Go modules are required to build Caddy from source. Go 1.13 will use modules by default.

Notably, binaries are no longer licensed with a separate EULA.

Commercial use of our download page, however, still requires a subscription (all customers have been grandfathered in – in effect, nothing is really different except we got rid of the annoying legal technicality).


  • Minor internal/linting improvements

  • EULA no longer applies

  • Backwards compatibility goal

caddyserver announce

Caddy 1.0 Released

Caddy 1.0 is our first stable release, meaning that new versions in the 1.0 tree will have non-breaking changes. Stability in terms of fixing bugs will be the primary focus of 1.x versions. (Still, we always recommend testing in a dev or staging environment before upgrading production instances.)

One of the most common requests for Caddy is official packages and images.

Now that version 1.0 is tagged, we will see about working on integrations with Digital Ocean, various Linux distros and package managers, and making an official Docker container. However, due to design or technical limitations of most of these distribution channels, customizing Caddy with plugins may not be possible through these channels. However, you can already get Caddy with plugins using a single command that works just about anywhere, or use our download page.

Thank you to the 250+ contributors who helped make Caddy 1 what it is! Caddy has come a long way since its first commit in 2014.

Like all releases, 1.0 is not perfect, but it is the best one yet. If you find any issues, please report them on GitHub. If you have any questions, feel free to ask on our forum!