Project management 2018

Intégration continue/gitlab ci (cii best practices)

Les projets basés sur Gnome comme Gimp passent massivement sous gitlab:

Je découvre que gimp pratique les “cii best practices”_

Annonce du passage complet de GNOME sous gitlab le 29 mai 2018




This training is designed as a two days hands-on training introducing Git, GitLab, Workflows, CI/CD and many best practices.

The training participants will get an in-depth insight into the Git basics, configuration and “good” commits. They also learn about GitLab basics with repository and user management and continue to practice Git version control with real-life exercises.

Moving along from standalone environments, participants collaborate with others and get an overview on different Git workflows. Continuing with practices, the training dives deep into continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) with GitLab, runners and DevOps production pipelines.

On top of that, the training provides more hints on GitLab usage, tools for working with Git and anything proven useful for daily best practice.

Target audience are developers and Linux administrators.