playwright python 1.9.0 (2021-02-24)


Playwright for Python is now stable with an idiomatic snake case API and pre-built Docker image to run tests in CI/CD.

Playwright Inspector is a new GUI tool to author and debug your tests.

  • Line-by-line debugging of your Playwright scripts, with play, pause and step-through.

  • Author new scripts by recording user actions.

  • Generate element selectors for your script by hovering over elements.

  • Set the PWDEBUG=1 environment variable to launch the Inspector

Pause script execution with page.pause() in headed mode.

Pausing the page launches Playwright Inspector for debugging.

has-text pseudo-class for CSS selectors. :has-text(“example”) matches any element containing “example” somewhere inside, possibly in a child or a descendant element. See more examples .

Page dialogs are now auto-dismissed during execution, unless a listener for dialog event is configured.

Learn more about this .

New APIs